Trust What You Feel.


So my hair’s like super long, like down to the small of my back, and I feel like cutting it off into a hairstyle like these beauties. I’ve always thought this hairstyle was sexy as fuck, especially with dark hair (which I have) I adore catherine zeta-jones in chicago, and uma thurman in pulp fiction, and this hairstyle is just classy and sexy as shit. I feel like it’ll end up looking dumb on me though. I also haven’t had full bangs since like 4th grade so I don’t know how I’ll feel about those. I hope i can pull it off. I’m going to get it cut in like a week. I am deciding on whether or not I want to get “baby bangs” too.. not super short, but like the last 3 pictures, and kinda the first one.

(via itsjustlikethemovies)